Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stressed Out!!

School starts in one week - athletic season practices are starting - my husband & I are leaving for a quick weekend getaway without kids, but kids are also leaving town for aunt & uncles - I have way too much stuff to do & not enough time to do it. My youngest son cannot get into his bedroom - the rod fell down in his closet so all of the clothes are hanging off his bunkbeds or folded in piles on the bed, floor, chair, etc. They cannot be put away until someone (namely my husband) takes the time to put the rod back up. I'm stuck sitting here at work with pretty much nothing to do & should be home where I'm really needed. ARGH!!! We really probably should not be going out of town this weekend, but the thought of some adults only time sounds great. We have a Meet & Greet for the kids at the Middle School on Thursday night - then taking off for a two hour drive to drop the kids off at their cousins house. The adults are then driving another 5hours overnight to our destination: Deadwood, SD. There are 9 of us staying in a 4 bedroom 2 bath log house up in the Black Hills. We will be pulling our 4-wheelers out there so we can ride the trails. I'm not real excited for the 4-wheeler part (although my husband & his 4 brothers can't wait) - I'm looking forward to sitting on the deck overlooking the scenery with a good book & glass of wine. Now that sounds like a great weekend. Just wish it was coming at a different time. Well, enough rambling - better find something productive to do. I will post some pictures after the weekend of the beautiful scenery in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
If I don't make it back on here before we leave - HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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  1. Don't worry...all that stuff will be waiting for you when you get back! lol Enjoy your getaway!